Girl Names

Girl names are always cute. Meaningful unique name makes shines girl. Parents are  responsible to giving their surname and care to avoid common words. Here we have awesome biggest baby girl names collection. These names easy to pronounce, happy to listen.

Let me guess,  you have a baby girl? Or your friend or cousin have a baby girl, that’s why you are looking this website. A girl is a special gift for a family. Whole the world will identify her with name. People should love the name.

Names have power of ruling people, get attraction of others, respectable and valuable name is more important. Here is the few powerful women names.

  • Marillyn Hewson
  • Mary Barra.
  • Abigail Johnson.
  • Ginni Rometty.
  • Gail Boudreaux.
  • Sheryl Sandberg.
  • Safra Catz.
  • Phebe Novakovic
  • Ruth Porat

Do not think about the passion on the name. Just imagine after 20 years where your girl will stand on. Maybe she will be a singer. Could be a politician. As parents you can imagine because your child is your dream. She will follow your path to be a success person in this world.

People looking at unique names. They wants know about the meaning of the names. Name without a meaning will not be a valuable name. Names are used in 2018 will be expired and there will introduce new names for 2019. But people cant change the name yearly, because of that we want to find a names for future.

New year 2019 is most excited and gorgeous year. Finding baby girl names not a easy task. Parents should takes the responsibility.  People wants to find unusual baby girl names, but they wants know if that names are in the internet not the unusual. That names are already published.

Just look at  these baby girl names and take a idea, add some changes to these names and make your own name for your little princess.

Making your own name is the best gift for the baby. In this page people can find baby girl names starting with letter a to z.

These are the mixed names collection, If you want to find more specific names like Christian baby girl names, Telugu , Buddhist baby girl names, Islamic baby girl names etc…