12 Unique Sinhala Baby Girl Names From Hindu Girl Names

Girlnamesbaby found lovely 12 Unique Sinhala Baby Girl Names From Hindu Girl Names. In Sri Lanka we have good connection with India and Hindu culture, So in 2020 we believe these names will connect two cultures with names.

We love Hindi movies, Hindi songs and other cultural stuff so try Hindi girl names.


If you think to make your girls future with strong picture this is the correct name. All we know physical attraction is important for every woman, Aadrika will be your lovely girl with strong and lovely like a “Mountain”. Understanding how to be a confident woman will increase your daughter’s personality with this strong name.

Cameli another lovely Hindu girl name meanings “A Jasmine flower”. Jasmine flower is a very good herbal in Sri Lanka, it is used for washing face and eyes and old people will believe jasmine flower water is good for cleaning the eyes. Some parents love to see how their kids make this world lovely and beautiful, Cameli comes to the world for clean the world.

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As Sri Lankan parents we have faced some serious situations making names with letter D and some other letters. So Dakshin is a very good name with a good meaning “The competent one”, means having the necessary ability about everything like knowledge, music etc.

This lovely girl name has meanings “Progressed” and “Increased”. Let me explain this meanings. What we want from our kids, after they grown ups we expect progressed woman, doing things her parents happy and proud, Edhitha will be progressed girl for her family.

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This name has an unusual sound and this is unique, Girl with name Eena means “Mirror”, She will be proud of her thoughts. If someone smiles to mirror it will own image with smile, so Imaging about the girl named Eena.

Girls like arrows not every arrow are powerful, Girl named Eeshika is “A powerful arrow”. This is a hindu girl name but it really similar to the Sinhala name.

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A song is unbelievable great thing in the world, people made this for explain their feelings about pain, love and other stuff. There are some sinhala songs have multiple meanings , it is depend on how get the meaning after feel the song. Ehani meaning “Song”. I know it is cool unique sinhala girl name.

If you believe in God, if you with the God Eeshvi is a good name for your lovely kid. It has the meaning of “GOD”. Most of sri lankans beliefs gods, Sinhala, Tamil, Cristians, and Muslims everyone follow god. This will be perfect Sri lankan girl name.

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Oh my!, this is about another difficult letter for making names, letter f . We know most of muslim girl names starting F, But we found some names with letter F, Fenal meanings “angel of beauty” and this is a super cool unique Sinhala girl name.

We love woman who has a sense of humor so Feni means “A sweet lady” . Also Feni is a nice nickname.

First part of the name starting with Free but name has meaning of “Delicate as a Flower”

Freya means “Goddess of Love” , she will spread love all over the world, will be the queen of the love.

We hope to fill more Sinhala girl names from India.

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