15 Unique Soft Girl Names

Hi we are Girlnamesbaby and today we bring unique soft girl names for you. In year 2020 these unique girl names are popular among soft girl names lovers. Starting we gives 5 soft girl names later we will increase the names one by one.

As a daughter’s mom or dad you really like to have a girl looks soft and cool, Aalya named cute girl will be “very smooth” because of the meaning also “soft” and “very smooth”

Aura has energetic feelings on pronouncing the name and it has lovely meaning “soft and gentle breeze”.

This Arabic origin name means “from heaven”. It has different Hebrew origin meaning. We know if the girl coming from heaven she is the magical girl or magic princess. More Magical girl names

Girl will have a soft and fine look. Name has meaning “easy going” that mean soft.

Another English soft girl name that has meaning of “Soft” .

Guls are soft like a flower and give a good smell. Your baby girl will be very soft and kind, sensitive to others. spread the love with others.

Well known as a German name. There are multiple name meanings to the Herlinda. But here we consider meaning Soft and Friendly. You know if the girl is soft and friendly she will be very pleasant to everyone.

With multiple meanings, we choose Holy, Smooth, and Softness. Jenifer is another version of this name. Holiness is the pure softness of our lives so a combination of holy with smooth and softness will be a lovely name for a girl.

Lamis popular as a Muslim baby name, But you can use this name in the USA also, there is no limits for names, it really looks like an English name, I think we can give this name to a baby boy also, Soft to Touch is the name meaning. cannot find where is this name coming from, If we could decide which origin is the name.

Malvine is a super cool English name with means smooth brow. Malvine is a variant form of Melvina. In the USA there is some attraction for Malvine as a soft girl name.

Soft and supple is the meaning of Mazia. Well known as a Muslim girl’s name. It has an Arabic origin and there are multiple meanings. This is one of the one of a kind and well-known names with great significance. Please find more Middle Eastern girl names with meanings.

Ofira meaning explains Soft and mild blowing. It has Hebrew origin also means gold. With spelling, changes can get better lovely hearings when spelled Ophira.