5 Buddhist Girl Names With Meaning

Buddhist Girl Names
Buddhist Girl Names

Hi all, we found 5 awesome Buddhist baby girl names and I thought it will be great to share those names and meanings with others.

Buddhism is common to Hindu, Tamil, Sinhala and other people who followed Buddha’s vision. So be kind to share these names without borders.

In the website I have seen there are nice collection of Sinhala baby girl names , Buddhist baby girl names and Hindu Baby girl names. Explanation will goes with newly founded names.

As I think a Buddhist girl name is always a unique name, there is no need to find unique names those are always there.

As parents want to think about our kids future, our kids grows with technology so no need to find more complex unreadable names. Just find a way like here.

Ransi name looks common but its not. meaning of name is Light or Heat. Think about the sun it can give us light and heat, so there is hidden meaning Ransi is the sun.

This is not raa its ra. Rajani not a Tamil or Hindu name but can use as your wish. Rajani means Night. Night is always awesome, withing our busy life Night is the best thing gives us rest. Think about it, she will be your beautiful Night.

Try Unique Hindu Girl Names for Sinhala Baby Girls

This is a super unique name, no one compare the name meaning it called Mother, Ambaka means mother. Another meaning there of Ambaka its Good Wife, so mother always a good wife, Considering about these two meanings Ambaka name awesome for a nice girl.

If someone thinks above name want to change with different style, try this name Amba its the same meaning on Ambaka.

More English girl names for Sinhala baby girls

Same accent with above two names but is completely different meaning. Ambu means water. It means we cant live without it, always water needs to us. Ambu will be so cute as a nice name also.

So I think you had great experience with new uncommon names, please share these names with your friends and comment below your ideas for future articles and fine here other Buddhist baby girl names


Nirvana is the main thing Buddhist can achieve. As Buddhists we are ready to take or ready to follow the path for Nirvana, This word can take as a Buddhist girl name or as a Buddhist boy name. This word is the most spiritual and most valuable word in Buddhism.


Kathina looks a different name because this a famous festival in Buddhist culture, end of the Vass time (end of the year end rainy season) this festival will be held its like October to end of November. You can change the name whatever you want, like Katrina, Katinaa, Kethina.

As a Buddhist you know Bodhi as the bo tree or Bodhi tree. This name can consider as a boy name or girl name. Some explain the name Bodhi means “Enlightenment”. anyway this is a good and spiritual Buddhist baby name.

The name coming from one of the greatest female Maha Pajapati Gotami. Can use as Gothami, Gothmi, Gothya. Parent can give their baby girl this valuable Buddhist name.

Want to call Vi – shaka, It is called Siddhartha, and Yasodhara was born in this month of “Vaishaka”. Also can use as Visha, Vishakya, Vishi, Vishu, Vishni.

Yaśas or Yasas
This is the first name part of Yashodhara. Yasas can use as a boy’s name also, But it will be nice with a girl’s name. It has the meaning of glory or splendor. Can be used as Yasa, Yasi, Yasasi.

Dhara coming from the second part of the name Yashodhara. Is a lovely girl’s name. “bearing” is the name meaning.

Sakulā or Sakula
She had a place with a brahmin group of Sāvatthi and turned into a devotee on observing the Buddha acknowledge Jetavana. Sakula can also use as Saku, Sakuli, Sakulu.

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