5 Cute Sinhala Baby Girl Names From English Girl Names

In 2020 Girlnamesbaby has English girl names for Sinhala baby girls in Sri Lanka. We are collecting lovely English names for girls with meanings. There are already collected Sinhala girl names.

As Sri lankan you know that among 1900 to 1980 most of sri lankan men and women names took english shape or directly named english names, as an example Ayarin, Rosaling, Magi named are english origin names. This is because that time english is the main language in sri lanka. So giving a Sri Lnakan baby a English name not much deal.

If you like to see some English girl names and Biblical girl names.

There is no age limit for care about beauty, for every parent their baby girl is a beauty queen, Calista has meaning of “Woman of most beauty”

Macey or Macy or Massey
Parents may live in France or Europe may love this name. This is an old French origin ancient Roman name. It is coming from Matthew in Latin name. We know Matthew is a famous name in Sri Lanka. It has the meaning of “Gift of Yahweh”.

Pamela or Pamelia or Pamella or Pamila
Girls are always sweet name Pamela has meaning of “all sweetness” Greek origin name has meaning also “honey”.

Rachel or Rachael or Racheal or Rachelle or Richelle
This is a Hebrew name meaning “ewe”. Common among Jews people. Here find more Religious girl names.

Sabina is a girl name that has Latin origin meaning “Sabine”.

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