5 Unique Soft Girl Names

Hi we are Girlnamesbaby and today we bring unique soft girl names for you. In year 2020 these unique girl names are popular among soft girl names lovers. Starting we gives 5 soft girl names later we will increase the names one by one.

As a daughter’s mom or dad you really like to have a girl looks soft and cool, Aalya named cute girl will be “very smooth” because of the meaning also “soft” and “very smooth”

Aura has energetic feelings on pronouncing the name and it has lovely meaning “soft and gentle breeze”.

This Arabic origin name means “from heaven”. It has different Hebrew origin meaning. We know if the girl coming from heaven she is the magical girl or magic princess. More Magical girl names

Girl will have a soft and fine look. Name has meaning “easy going” that mean soft.

Another English soft girl name that has meaning of “Soft” .