Three Letter Girl Names

Three Letter Girl Names becoming popular among parents now. When considering about 3 letter girl names there are unique shape for those names. Like some word suddenly stop or there are more remains to speak.

Because of this uniqueness parents lives to gave a three letter name for their baby.

Are you looking for a beautiful short name for your baby girl? If so, this is the perfect place for it. Short names are becoming more and more popular today. Many people are prefer to short names because they are easy to write and pronounce.

Here is some three letter girl names list for baby girls.

3 letter girl names


Ava is a Latin name and the meaning of Ava is ‘bird’. This name is fast becoming one of the most popular girl’s names for Irish parents. Variations of Ava include Eve and Eva. Famous Ava’s include actress Ava Gardner.


Amy is also Latin name meaning ‘beloved’. Famous Amy’s include actresses Amy Poehler and Amy Adams, and late singer Amy Wine house.


Please check Egyptian girl names for meaning.


Fay means faith or trust. Famous namesakes include British novelist Fay Weldon.


Mya has Greek origin and it means ‘greate’. Maya and Mia are variations of Mya. Famouse namesakes include author May Gibbs.


One of Mexican girl names, find more names.


Zoe means ‘life’ and has its origins in Greece. Famous Zoe’s include Zoe Saldana, Zoe Wanamaker and Zoe Ball.

One of old girl name is short version for Dorothy, meaning will be “gift of God”


This is a strong women name, More Powerful girl names.

English origin girl name meaning take as “fairy”

Flo is short version of Flora


Hippie girl name, Americans love the name, you will love more Hippie girl names.

Ina is can be use as a nickname for Cristina or same names that end in “ina”.


One of girl name popular among common girl names.

Good Last Names For Girls

Actually as parents we cant change our last name, that it is given last name by your parents, But now in modern world parents are like to legally change old looking last name and give a good last name for girls.

Please read this article and a look at good last name list for girls, sure you will find one you would like to have as your surname.

This last names are useful if one of friend or relation searching a last name to give his or her baby girl. share with others what have seen on this page.

Anyway if you have time just go though this good last names list and put a comment below what you think or give us good last names you already know and heard.


Last names for girls


Dark forest sound, black look


Wild, Beautiful


You know it is Cool, Strong feelings for a family


Garcia surname is with Spanish origin. Spanish version is Gerald if you are looking for a Spanish last name for girls this would be nice.

This is meaning “rule of the spear”. One of the most popular last name in the United States
These names are same meaning with Garcia Garci, Garza, Gacia.


Presley is surname of Elvis Presley


surname meaning with stormy.


twisted out of shape mouth

If your name Tom or your father’s name tom you can try Thompson for your girls last name. The meaning is “son of Tom”

As a last name Smith is popular among American last names.

Name coming from Old English girl name Abba. As last name this is more popular in America.


Good last names for girls

will be continue


Black Baby Girl Names

This article is about African or black baby girl names with meanings, consider about Africa, is a massive continent with a plethora of diverse tribes and ethnic groups, provides a wealth of baby girl names.

Derived from local and foreign languages such as English, French, Arabic, and Portuguese, African names are exotic and beautiful, not just in their meaning and appearance, but also in origin of the Africa.

African babies are traditionally named after places, spirits, ancestors, or events occurring during the time of their birth. Africans are believe that the name can influence both the life of the baby and the family.

Here we bring you some selected black baby girl names with their meanings.

Black girl names

A Girl born on Thursday. Abba, Abah, and Abbah are variant spellings of the name Aba. You can check more three letter girl names.

A Girl born on Tuesday. Abana, Abeena and Abeenah are variant spellings of the name Abena.

A Girl who is born on Friday. Afua is a variant form is Afia.

Aiysha means a powerful and complete.

A black girl name one who is most beautiful.

Ayanna means a unique flower which is forever blooming.

To forecast, Predict, Borrow, Bound; Derived from Rebecca; Becka and Becky are variant spellings of the name Becca.

Beheshta means a paradise.

A woman who is a creative artist and everyone else is inspired by her.

Fara means Beautiful, Lovely, Pleasant, Good Looking, Joyful,Reason for rejoicing.

Cute black baby girl names

Nia origins in the Swahili and Celtic languages. This popular black girl name means “purpose”.

A version name Candance just some spellings cahnges, “queen mother” is the name meaning.

Nahla girl name means “dearly loved”. I know you remember the name Nahala from the movie “Lion King”. One of cutest girl name among cute black baby girl names.

Ashanti is girl name related with an African empire. meaning can take as “win” or “success”.

This has same meaning as Nia, can take as English girl name for Nia.

This named girl will be close to family, another lovely black baby girl name.

Ethiopian girl name meaning with “queen mother”. It has same meaning Cadence.

African American girl names












So I think you had great experience with new African names, please share these names with your friends and comment below your ideas for future articles and find here other African baby girl names

5 Buddhist Girl Names With Meaning

Hi all, we found 5 awesome Buddhist baby girl names and I thought it will be great to share those names and meanings with others.

Buddhism is common to Hindu, Tamil, Sinhala and other people who followed Buddha’s vision. So be kind to share these names without borders.

In the website I have seen there are nice collection of Sinhala baby girl names , Buddhist baby girl names and Hindu Baby girl names. Explanation will goes with newly founded names.

As I think a Buddhist girl name is always a unique name, there is no need to find unique names those are always there.

As parents want to think about our kids future, our kids grows with technology so no need to find more complex unreadable names. Just find a way like here.

Ransi name looks common but its not. meaning of name is Light or Heat. Think about the sun it can give us light and heat, so there is hidden meaning Ransi is the sun.

This is not raa its ra. Rajani not a Tamil or Hindu name but can use as your wish. Rajani means Night. Night is always awesome, withing our busy life Night is the best thing gives us rest. Think about it, she will be your beautiful Night.

This is a super unique name, no one compare the name meaning it called Mother, Ambaka means mother. Another meaning there of Ambaka its Good Wife, so mother always a good wife, Considering about these two meanings Ambaka name awesome for a nice girl.

If someone thinks above name want to change with different style, try this name Amba its the same meaning on Ambaka.

Same accent with above two names but is completely different meaning. Ambu means water. It means we cant live without it, always water needs to us. Ambu will be so cute as a nice name also.

So I think you had great experience with new uncommon names, please share these names with your friends and comment below your ideas for future articles and fine here other Buddhist baby girl names


Nirvana is the main thing Buddhist can achieve. As Buddhists we are ready to take or ready to follow the path for Nirvana, This word can take as a Buddhist girl name or as a Buddhist boy name. This word is the most spiritual and most valuable word in Buddhism.


Kathina looks a different name because this a famous festival in Buddhist culture, end of the Vass time (end of the year end rainy season) this festival will be held its like October to end of November. You can change the name whatever you want, like Katrina, Katinaa, Kethina.