As a Christian we are careful to selecting a name for our new born baby. That is why people search on internet for Biblical girl names. Bible is holy book for Christians. Giving a name from bible makes parents spiritual happiness. 

Bible names for girls always valuable, it may be looks like common name, but you can bit change the name that gives pretty look. Its your kids name, so give her your best name. Try to be modern but take the idea from bible.

Most of the African country parents wants to give a Biblical name for their baby girl, There is bit difference between African girl names and other names. Greek girl names and English girl names also inspired by Biblical names.

Here we found female biblical names collection that you can select whatever you like. Lets find unique cute female names and meanings

Starting with A

AbbieCute nickname for Abigail.

AbbySame as Abbie, Americans spelling  as Abby.

AbigailOne of King David’s wives, Took from the Bible, it has Hebrew origin.




AbihailMeans ‘Father of Strength’, Christian name, girl or boy can named,

AbijahA Hebrew meanings ‘My father is God’, girl or boy can use.



AbitalGirl name meaning found from Bible ‘My father is Dew’.

Achsahmeaning from Bible is ‘The woman who always wanted more’

AdahA cute meaning ‘the accessories of worship’ like ‘altar’.







AnnaA popular one sometimes most popular, Meanings ‘grace‘, girl name with Hebrew origin.





AquilaLatin Biblical girl name meaning with ‘eagle




Athaliahgirl and boy can use, found from first part of Christian Bibles


AvitalBiblical Hebrew girl name meanings ‘crown’.

AzubahBiblical female name meaning with ‘desolation‘.

Starting with B



BerniceBiblical Greek girl name meaning ‘brings victory’

BeulahUncommon Hebrew Biblical girl name means ‘married’

BethelCute Hebrew name meanings ‘the house of God’


BilhahThis is not a best case, careful with meaning ‘old or confused’


Starting with C

CarmelThis is a unisex name, biblical place-name, ‘honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel’

ChanaLooks like a nickname meanings ‘blissful woman

ChloeSweet Biblical girl name with Greek origin ‘young green shoot



CleophasLatin girl name can found in Bible meanings ‘the whole glory’. Cleo will be uncommon nickname.

Crescence – Growing or Increasing or Developing

Crescencia – Another Biblical girl name “To grow” in French

Crescent – A variant of Crescens, it is now considered a nature name referring to the phase of the moon

CrescentiaBiblical girl nameTo Sprout’,

Crestian – Derived from the Biblical name “Christianity”.  Follower of Christ

Crissa – Disciple of Christ

Crissie – Follower of Christ

Crissy – Disciple of Christ


Cristabel – Combination of “Christina” and the suffix “bel”; a beautiful Christianity


Cristela – Derivation from the Greek name “Crystal”; Ice; Clear; Follower of Christ


Cristiania  – Same as the “Christina”  meaning as ‘follower of Christ’



Cristine – Cute girl name Italian and Spanish version of “Christine”


Crosbie – Biblical girl name meanings ‘By the cross’

Starting with D

Dalila – Lovely Biblical girl name take as ‘A desired individual’

DamarisBiblical girl name ‘a calf’

Debera – Looks old Biblical girl name but still young, ‘One who is as busy as a Bee’

Debi – Nice short name as ‘writer of victory songs’

Deborah – Christian Biblical girl name as ‘Bee’

Delight – Lovely name, which means ‘Pleasure’

Delilah – Strong Biblical girl name, Girl with enormous mental and physical strength.



Dwura – Same name Deborah.


Dinah –  ‘Judged’ , ‘God will judge’

Dorcas – Dorcas refers to a gazelle

Dove – Dove is the bird of peace. This sounds beautiful for a girl

Drusilla –  ‘Dewy-eyed’ or ‘fruitful’

Starting with E

Elinah – Shining light

Elizabeta – Dedicated to God

Elisabeth – ‘God is my Oath’ or lucky with ‘A worshipper of God’

Elisha – Elisha known as ‘God is Salvation’

Elisheba – a woman who believes the ‘God is her oath’

Ephrath – a ‘Fruitful land’

Esther – a ‘Star’ and also signifies a ‘Star of Joy’ or a ‘Star of Hope’

Eternity – ‘An Unending time’ or ‘Infinity’


Eunice – refers to the ‘One who conquers’ and implies a ‘happy victory’

Euodias – ‘A prosperous journey’ 

Eve – ‘Living’ and is also the name of Adam’s wife

Starting with F

Faith – ‘Trust’ or ‘Belief’. It is derived from the Latin word fidere.

Starting with G

Galatia – Pure white as milk

Galilee – Can find in the Bible, a vast sea .

Gabrielle – ‘God is my strength’

Gomer – In Hebrew this name take as ‘Complete’. Name of Prophet Hosea’s wife in the Old Testament.

Grace – ‘Courteousness’ or ‘Politeness’. Related with Latin word gratia. Can take as Latin girl name.

Starting with H

Hadassah – It having the same meaning as Esther, ‘myrtle tree’


Haggith – Girl name meaning with ‘Festival’ or ‘Dancer’

Hammoleketh – ‘A Queen’ or ‘A Regent’

Hannah – ‘Gracious’ or ‘Favor.’ It also refers to ‘A Woman who personifies Ideal Motherhood’

Hazelelponi – a ‘Facing the shade’

Hege – Meditation; Word; Separation; A variant of name Helga

Hephzibah – ‘My delight is in her’ or ‘She is our delight’

Herodias – This is derived from Herod, a ruling family of Judaea.

Helah – Rusted, Tarnished

Hilen – A Window; Grief

Hiliard – from the enclosure on the hill

Hodesh -The ‘New Moon’. In the Bible can find this, One of the wives of Shaharaim, a Benjamite.

Hodiah – ‘The splendor of Jehovah’

Hoglah –  a ‘Patridge’ or ‘Dancing’

Honey – ‘Sweet’

Hosanna – a ‘Prayer’ or ‘Help’

Huldah – a ‘mole’ or the ‘One who is covered’

Hushim – Hushim refers to ‘A person of silence’

Starting with I

Iscah -It is an interesting Christian name, which means ‘To see’ or ‘She will look out’.

Istir – Assyrian form of Esther. It means bright star.

Itria – Obtained from the title of the Virgin Mary Maria Santissima d’Itria

Ivanka – God is gracious

Starting with J

Jaenbert – The bright follower of God

Jaila – Hebrew – Mountain Goat; A variant of Jael

Janna – Who speaks or answers, afflicted, poor

Jael – ‘Can named as uncommon Biblical girl name known as ‘A mountain goat’. It is the name of the wife of Heber, who was a Kenite.

Jecholiah – Jecholiah signifies ‘Power’ and refers to someone ‘Who is powerful’

Jedida – Girl will be the ‘Beloved’

Jehoaddan – jehoaddan refers to a woman who believes the ‘Pleasure of Jehovah’

Jehosheba –  ‘Jehovah is her oath’

Jehodijah – ‘The praise of the Lord’

Jemimah –  ‘A little dove’ or ‘Handsome’

Jerioth – Biblical name with multiple meanings, ‘Kettles,’ ‘Breaking Asunder,’ or ‘Tent Curtains’

Jerusha –  ‘Possession’ or ‘Inheritance’

Jewel – Jewel refers to a precious ornament or valuable stone.

Jezebel – This name roughly translates to ‘Where is the prince’.

Jezreel – Sown by God; To Sow; Name of two characters in Bible

Joanna – ‘God is gracious’


Joy – ‘Rejoicing in happiness’



Judah – ‘The praise of the Lord’

Judith – ‘The praised one’

Julia – ‘One who is youthful’

Junia –  ‘Youth’ or ‘Belonging to Juno’

Justice – Justice means ‘Upright’ or ‘Righteous’

Starting with K

Keren-Happuch –  the ‘Child of beauty’

Keturah – ‘Incense’ or ‘Fragrance’

Kezia – Kezia refers to ‘Cassia tree’ or ‘Sweet-scented spice’. In the Bible, it is the name of the second daughter of Job.

Khawa – Khawa means life

Keliah – Another lovely first name ‘A Citadel’, Forest

Khloe –  Greenery

Khloee – Blooming


Kornelia – May be this will make awkward moments in file ‘Horns’

Kreszentia – She will be born to grow

Kristyna – Blooming

Starting with L

Lapidoth – Lapidoth means ‘Torch’


Leah – Leah refers to ‘A woman who is weary yet remains loyal’

Lois – Lois means ‘Holy’ or ‘Desirable’

Lo-Ruhamah – This name means someone ‘Who is not pitied’ or ‘Who does not obtain mercy’

Libni – Whiteness, Paleness, a colour White




Lieschen – The perfection can be found only in God




Liesi – A person who finds God in the Oath

Liesl – One who finds God in an Oath, Promise or a Pledge


Liezl – A bounty, a pledge, an oath made to a God

Lydia – Lydia means ‘The beautiful one’

Starting with M

Maachah – Maachah is the name of the daughter of Talmai. He is the king of the old native population of the Land of Geshur. It means ‘Oppression’


Magdalene – Magdalene refers to a woman who came from Magdala, near the Sea of Galilee.

Magdalini – A woman of Magdala



Magola – A woman from the tower town in Galilee




Marah – One who is full of bitterness


Mahlah  – Mahlah ‘sickness’ or ‘song’

Mahalath – Mahalath means a ‘Stringed instrument’. It is also the name of the daughter of Ishmael, the son of Hagar.

Maralah – Maralah ‘Trembling’ or ‘Earthquake’

Martha – Martha is the feminine form of ‘Master’. Hence, meaning the ‘Lady Master’

Mary – Mary is Beloved’ or ‘Wished-for child’. She is the mother of Jesus.

Matred – Matred means ‘The wand of government’

Mehetabel – This refers to someone ‘Whom God makes happy’ or ‘Who is benefited by God’

Merab – Merab ‘Increase’ or ‘Abundant’

Mercy – Mercy means ‘Compassion’ or ‘Forgiveness’


Merry – It refers to a person who has a joyous or cheerful heart.



Meshullemeth – Mushullemeth means a ‘Friend’. In the Old Testament, she is mentioned as one of the queens of Judah. Meshullemeth is the wife of King Manasseh and mother of King Amon

Michaiah – It refers to the ‘One who is like Jehovah’

Michal – Michal a ‘Rivulet’ or ‘Stream’

Milcah – Milcah the ‘Counsel’ or the ‘Queen’

Miriam – Miriam is the Hebrew form of Mary. In another reference of the Bible, Miriam is the daughter of Ezra of the tribe of Judah.

Myra – Myra means a ‘Poetic invention’ or ‘Extraordinary’. It also refers to a town called Myra in the Bible.

Starting with N

Naamah – Naamah means ‘Sweetness’ or ‘Pleasantness’

Naarah – Naarah the ‘Girl, daughter or child of the Lord’

Naomi – Naomi ‘Pleasant’. As per the Old Testament, Naomi is the name of the mother-in-law of Ruth.

Nastasja – Nastasja Risen by baptism to new life

Nehushta – Nehushta refers to something strong like the ‘One which is made of brass’

Neriah – Neriah the shining light of the most high God

Neshama – Life force or inner self.

Noadiah – Noadiah refers to the ‘One to whom the Lord revealed Himself’

Neriah – Neriah ‘The God is my lamp’

Noah – Noah ‘Rest’ or ‘Comfort’

Starting with O

Obed – Oprah is a Biblical name, which means a ‘Fawn’. In Hebrew, the name is also spelled as Orpah.

Orpah – The bony skeleton of the head of vertebrates.

Oprah – Oprah is a Biblical name, which means a ‘Fawn’. In Hebrew, the name is also spelled as Orpah.

Starting with P

Peninnah – Peninnah ‘Coral’, ‘A precious stone’ or a ‘Pearl’

Persis – Persis a ‘Persian woman’

Phanuel –  ‘The face, vision, or the appearance of God’

Phoebe –  ‘Pure’ or ‘Radiant as the moon’

Phoenicia – Red; Purple; Crimson; A variant of Phionix

Poiema – Something made by God; Masterpiece of Art; God’s passionate Poem

Priscilla – Priscilla means someone who is ‘Classical’ or ‘Venerable’

Puah – Puah refers to ‘The joy of parents’

Starting with Q

Starting with R

Rachel – ‘Ewe,’ i.e., a female sheep


Rahab –  the ‘Proud one’


Rayven – Derived from Hebrew – Black Bird; Orgin raven bird


Retta – Derived from Germanic – House Owner; Lord of the manor; Derived from Latin – Lover; Beloved; A variant of Rhetta

Rebecca – Rebecca means ‘Captivating’

Reumah – Reumah means ‘Lofty’ or ‘Sublime’


Rhoda – a ‘Rose’ in the Bible. It also means a person ‘From Rhodes’

Rose – This simple name refers to the flower Rose.

Rizpah –  a ‘Hot precious stone’ or ‘Baking stone’

Ruby – Ruby refers to ‘A precious stone’ or ‘A jewel’

Ruhamah – Ruhamah refers to someone who has ‘obtained mercy’

Ruth – Ruth means a ‘Companion’ or ‘Friend’. It also means ‘A vision of beauty’

Starting with S



Salome – ‘Peace’

Sapphira – Sapphira refers to sapphire or a ‘Precious gem in deep blue color’

Sarah – Sarah means ‘Princess’ and ‘Noblewoman’. In the Bible, she was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac.

Sarai – Sarai refers to ‘Lady’ or ‘Princess’. This was the original name of Sarah, in the Bible.

Serah – Serah refers to the ‘Lady of scent,’ a ‘Song’ or ‘The morning star’

Sharon – ‘Plain’ or a ‘Flat area’. It also signifies the shrub of the rose of Sharon.

Sheba – Sheba is the nickname of Bathsheba. Sheba means an ‘Oath’

Shelomith – Biblical girl name for a so ‘Peaceful’ baby.

Shelah – Awesome cute name a ‘Petition’ or ‘Request’

Sherah – Lovely Biblical girl name  for a ‘Relationship’

Shiloh – Signifies ‘Peace’ or ‘Abundance’

Shimeath – Biblical Girl ‘Who hears and obeys’. We can find name in the Bible meaning with ‘Fame’

Shiphrah – Name owner is with parents  ’To improve’ or take as ‘Beautiful’ girl.

Shomer – Unisex name, ‘The Keeper’ is goes with name.

Shooshan – Ancient Assyria form of Susan. meaning with lily.

Shua – Girl and boy boath can used the name and can believe she will bring the ‘Prosperity’ and shua is a cute nick name.

Shulammite – Derived from the Hebrew, Bring ‘Peace’. This is the female version of name Solomon.

Susanna – Biblical girl name meaning with ‘A graceful lily’

Syntyche – This girl will be  ‘Fortunate’ or lucky to be with family.

Starting with T

Tabitha – refers to gazelle.

Tahpenes – Biblical girl can use ‘The head of the age’ or ‘Standard’

Talitha – She will be always  ‘Child’ or ‘Little girl’ for your family.

Tamara –  ‘A Palm tree’. This name signifies beauty and fruitfulness.

Taphath – a ‘Drop’. In the Bible, Taphath is also the name of one of the daughters of Solomon.

Terah – ‘To Breathe’ or a ‘Scent’

Tide – ‘The knowledge of elevation’

Timna –  ‘To restrain’ or ‘to hold’

Timnah –  ‘Forbidding’ or ‘Restraint’

Tolla – In Biblical it means worm or grub. In Polish it means prospering

Tirzah – Refers to ‘Pleasantness’ or ‘She is my delight’

Tryphena/ Tryphosa – This refers to the ‘One who is delicate’ or ‘Dainty’

Tzilla – Biblical girl name ‘Protection’

Starting with U

Starting with V

Vashti –  takes as ‘Beautiful’ or the ‘Best’

Starting with W

Starting with X

Starting with Y

Starting with Z


Zebudah – Biblical ‘Bestowal’ or mother and father can take her as a ‘Gift’

Zemira – ‘One who is praised’

Zeresh – Lovely name, ‘Gold’

Zeruah – A little name parents ma love this ‘Wasp’ or ‘Hornet’

Zeruiah – Biblical name with ‘Tribulation of the Lord’

Zibiah – There are multiple meanings,‘Doe’ or ‘Gazelle’

Zillah – Referred to girl who take ‘Shadow of protection’

Zion – Refers to a ‘Monument’ or can take as the ‘Highest point’

Zipporah – Will Love to this name ‘Little bird’ or a ‘Sparrow’

Zilpah – Parents can named a girl as Dripping or sprinkling

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