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So, What is common names? Will say from 100 people if two or more people using same name that is call common name. Popular names and common name differ from each.

Most of the time name becomes common it is because most of the parents trying to put their babies celebrities names, fairy tale character names (check Magical girl names) and some Christians (you will loves Christian girl names) they are taking the names from Holy Bible etc.

The Top Ten common girl names 2019 according to most of the websites are as follow.

1. Emma
2. Olivia
3. Ava
4. Isabella
5. Sophia
6. Charlotte
7. Mia
8. Amelia
9. Harper
10. Evelyn

Moreover, here we present you other common and popular names with the meaning.

Parents should be very clever when choosing names for girls as the name can have deep meaning that can show girls personality.

Some name will have bad meaning as well therefore you will can get an idea from below list and we are presenting you some names with its actual meaning.

This is the most common name in the world. Emma is universal whole. Origin from Argentina, Canadian, Chamorro, Danish, Dominican Republic, Estonian, Finnish,French, Frisian, Georgian, German,Hawaiian, Icelandic, Irish,Italian, Latin, Medieval English, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss,United States.

The meaning of this girl name is “The person who is hard working and fertile”. Origin from Australian,British,Cornish,Danish,Dominican Republic, French, Georgian, Irish,Jamaican,Kenyan,Polish,Portuguese, Scottish, United States, Welsh.

If the baby born on Christmas day this the best name that, you can put to your baby girl. Also can use Natalee, Natalii, Nadali

This name from Holy Bible and the meaning is Enjoyable, niceness. Origin Hebrew.

One of the romantic name, which means “Deserving to be loved”, “loved very much by everyone”

The name of Virgin Mother Mary called Ann, which means “Grace”. Try Biblical girl names

Another one which popular among common names. Its mean Christian woman, if she Christian this name is ideal for her and most of Christians use this name and very common among them.

All of you know about Princess Diana and that was why the Diana has very popular and common.

Means Glory and this is a lovely name

This name become popular and common because of Hollywood celebrity name called Jacqueline.

Short form of Allesandra

Its mean Victory and very meaningful name that can put for a baby girl, which is common.

Stella means “Star of the Sea” in Latin

Lily is a flower, very common name for girls that means flower.

This name popular in France, means “The maiden of the Sea”

“Devoted to God”. These names come from Isabel, Elizabeth.

This name means “Most Holy” and popular in Italy.

Latin name which mean “Dear”/ “Beloved” When everyone calling her carina its means all called her dear. Check more Latin girl names

Lucy means of the light. A shortened form of Lucille and Lucia.

The meaning is “Dream”

This name is rich and classic, which has used most for queens.

Hot and short three letter girl name . means with “bitter” origin from Hebrew and Italian. There are more lovely three letter girl names

Another cute girl name, Judy Garland is a singer as above-mentioned she is celebrity. Find more cute baby girl names

Means “Bee” Greek. It is also the name of the fairy.

This name 1st used by Shakespeare which means “to see”

This name means “Giant”

Please find more details from the magical girl names

One of classic girl name that always high ranked among name lovers. Someone says meaning will be ” Lovely”. It has English and Latin origin. Popular among Christians as a Biblical girl name.

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