Cute Baby Girl Names

Cute Baby Girl Names

Cuteness is a matter of describing a type of attractiveness related how much is it young with the view. Basically all the babies are cute. There is no excuses for that, when the baby getting young there should be a cute name to that girl to continue the cuteness.

Most of the common girl names are can take as cute names.


Origin Italian girl name or Latin girl name, meaning ‘Light’ come with the it, This comes from “Lucius” male name.


Origin Gaelic girl name, Fair will be means it, male version is “Fionn”


Can take as Finnish or Hebrew girl name, “Born at night” is the meaning from Arabic girl names.

Funny name, short and easy use name, meaning like “Bitter” If you like to select English, Hebrew or Irish girl names, this is a good one.

This is Biblical girl name less popular but Arabic and Hindi usage are popular, looks fun and modern girl name.

This has Latin and Arabic origin people used as “Perfect” meaning. With spelling changes can use Camille and Camile as same names.

My parents loves flowery names this cute name also brings vintage feel with old time. Perfect for a English girl. Can select as a Biblical name.


Name with Greek origin and means “Life”, you may know Zoe is a funny name. Its popular as a “Sesame Street” character, and it related to actress Zooey one of hipster. So this is popular name choice for your cute girls. Can take as Hippie girl names, Biblical girl names and Common girl names


Name with German origin and can take as a Biblical girl name, Girl will have grace , flexibility and resilience as life qualities, these qualities perfects to a girl. Cute girl name for a baby girl.


One of most popular name in the United Kingdom It has a classic and confident sound, another lovely cute girl name. French origin name means “Red jewel” and Latin girl name means “deep red”.

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