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“Make love, not war,” this is one of main theme of Hippies. “Hippies” were young people who like to live with love and peace.

They against for the Vietnam war. This situation began in United States in 1960s and spread over the other countries.

They had used their own lifestyle as they like for long hair than others and majority of people grew beards, women wore long hanging dresses. Rock music is main part in the hippie culture.

You may love to see common girl names

When they naming their babies they choose name based on nature like River, Sunshine, Forest, Earth.

Those hippie names are still suit for the babies born in modern world. If you want to select other common name for your daughter it is not wrong but if you want to choose hippie name below names will help for it.

Try some awesome magical girl names

Arlo is surly an option for your little girl who will grow up to grasp the world’s imagination.

Azalea known as “A beautiful set of flowers”. As we know most of the hippie names are inspired by nature and Its gifts.

Blossom is a “flower or mass of flowers on tree or bush”. This English origin name meaning is a “to bloom”. This is lovely name for the baby.

Our kids are our dreams and kids will make our dreams come true, so lets just go ahead and call her Dream.

Echo will remind everyone your little kid again and again, Echo is a sounding name. It means “reflecting sound waves back to the listener”

Topaz is a valuable stone. This is a mark of love and caring. This name most suitable for babies born on November.

Rainbow, is most beautiful hippie name and It is most suitable name for the baby girl.

Daisy name meaning is “Day’s Eye”. Perfect name for your little kid who loves to stay happy always.

This means a Willow Tree. In the past, Willow used as medicine .Some believes Willow Tree has power to heal the sick.

This English name meaning is “Grassy Field”.

Ambrosia is the feminine form of Ambrose and It meaning is ‘food of the god.’

This means a summer season. This is a common name in England.

Star is with Latin origin and It mean is “Star”. There are more Latin girl names.

This name meaning is “Victorious Peace”. This name originate in German.

This Egyptian origin meaning with “From the Road”. Parents love this baby girl name and this is most suit as the middle name. Lovely three letter girl name

It meaning is “heavenly” and Celestial. This is still popular name among parents.

This Latin name means “Young”. For the first time this name came among top 1000 names in United State year 2011.

This is a cute name for baby girls. Luna meaning is “moon”. This is Latin origin word.

Harmony, meaning is “A Beautiful Blending” The word Harmony derived from the Greek word of ‘Harmonia’, it meaning is “a musical sound”.

This name will be suit for the baby born in October. Autumn is a feminine form of Autumnus. Autumnus is Latin word and meaning is “fall” or “autumn”. This name still use from 1970 in United States.

This is a impressive name for your daughter.

Sage name meaning is “Wise”. This is a Latin word and from the past decades this name rank in top 1000 in United States.

This is name with Korean origin and that means “Obedient”.

This English name means “Body of water”.

Coral is a awesome creation of the nature.

Genny is a lovely nickname. Some are believe it as a Biblical name. Looks like it can be used as unicorn name.

Similar hearings with most popular name Hannah.

Name has the fresh feelings. There is a gem related with the name.

Kara has the meaning of “Stormy girl”. It is a powerful hippie girl name.

It has the warm feelings. Famous as a botanical name.

Everyone know the lily flower. Girl will be the symbol of purity and love as lily flower.

Popular among hippie girl names, related with tune and music.

Lovely cute hippie girl name.

world’s most popular flower, everyone love roses. sign of love.

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