Names to call your girlfriend

Names to call your girlfriend

If you are looking for names to call your girlfriend here we have nice collection of names.

Having a girlfriend now a days not easy, Because you have to satisfy all her requirements, you have to protect her, you have to show your caring to her.

Aren’t you? Likewise so many things girlfriend expecting from their cute boyfriend. There are few magical steps in order to make a girl fall in love with you.

One of the best magical step is calling her with a variety of cute, loving, funny names etc.

However, you have to be so clever once you calling her with several names as girls have different choices and you should know what type of a person she is, and it should be unique and personalized according to your girl.

Some girls like funny names while other will like cute names and some will like very romantic names.

The best thing is it should sound that she is very special to you. That is the main thing you have to feel her, otherwise it’s pointless to call with so many names to her.

So here, we are giving you lovely cute names that can call to your girlfriend.

Ms. Gorgeous

Calling a girlfriend Ms Gorgeous will feel her that she is very beautiful. Girls really like to hear that she is beautiful and this name will give boyfriend a magic.


Cinderella is a princess of nice charming prince and that prince has find this princess with so many difficulties. So calling her with this name will feel her you have found her very hardly. Popular as a magical girl name

My Baby

Calling her baby, its feel her you will treat her like baby and will show your care to her.

My Angel

Its feel like “You are my everything” , then girl know boy will never leave her.

Ms Beautiful

This also same like above Ms Gorgeous.


This means an attractive or endearing person. If you think your Girlfriend is cute this is the best name you can call her.


The girls who are sweet and compassionate you can use this name.


If she hot and sexy and she knows that call her hottie but some does not like this kind of names.

My Julliet

For her unconditional love can show from this romantic name. And girl will treat her boyfriend as he is Romeo.


Means beautiful, like a rose flower. So call her rose and she will definitely will like it.


Wife of the Prince. And very important member in royal family and when you calling her princess she will feel she is royal and loyal.


To feel her she is your super star among all.


Its means thanks, praising, like saying thank you to being with you.

Ms Daisy

The girl who is very calm and quite

Ms Dove

This name also can be use for calm and silent girls.


Kind of magical name that can feel her she is magic to your boyfriend.

First Lady

Most important woman in his life.


“Earth worker or God is gracious” Kind of calm name to call your girlfriend.


Cute name for love and its romantic name for love birds.


Calling her mama its feel her you are treating her same like your Mom.

My Love

Saying only you are her love and cherish.

My sunshine

The girl who bought a light to your life and because of her only your day filled with warm and love.


The girl who is chubby and cute you can call her pandy.


This name also a cute name for the cute girl having pink face.

Queen Bee

She is your queen among all. And to say her you are dedicated for her.


The cute girl with short body you can call her shorty. Beware sometimes she will get angry.


You can call her Sona if she really beautiful, stunning and charming.


Sweet name that can use for thing girlfriend.


Its mean little fairy.

Lucky Charming

The girl who bring to your life luckiness and everything.

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