Old Biblical Girl Names With Meaning

As a follower of the holy bible you may love to hear about old biblical girl names with meaning. Parents should follow these names in 2020 and get the real meanings. Many name options out there with Girlnamesbaby. Old Biblical baby girl names are not always popular names so don’t think about the popularity of the name.

Try Biblical Girl Names

Abiah is a Hebrew origin girl name, it means “My Father is Lord”. This is a real old common unisex Biblical girl name. We can find some versions of Abiah and those are Abijah, Abi and Abia.

Bernice has Latin meaning “bearer of victory or joy” This name related with eldest daughter of Herod Agrippa,
There are a lot of versions in this name and here few Berenisa, Berenise, Bernisha, Berniss, Bernyce, Bernys, Berenice. Popular as a good old Biblical girl name.

Try Ethiopian Baby Girl Names

This name as related with Nile Valley and parts of the African Great Lakes region called Cushitic, They think it has meaning “queen mother”. Queen of Ethiopia will be the perfect choice for Ethiopian girl names, Candice, Candiss, Candyce are some same version names and Candance, Candys, Candyss, Candy also means the same.

One of the best old Biblical girl names that start with D, This Latin name means “watered by the dew”, Third daughter of Herod Agrippa was named Drusilla.

More Christian Girl Names

This old Hebrew name means “star”, Esther was a famous Jewish Queen. This name is perfect for making nicknames, Ester, Esterel, Esterina, Estrina are the same version names. Trina, Esti, Esty, Etta, Ette, Itta, Itte, Itka, Itke are lovely nicknames.

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