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Girlnamesbaby has the most strong and powerful girl names for your lovely baby girl, for year 2020 find cute girl names with meaning starting with a to z. Unique powerful female names always makes strong feelings over head about the name owner.

Having a great power or strength means “Powerful”. Who don’t like to be powerful? Of course all of like to be powerful and to be strong.

Woman, in that name itself hide the meaning powerful because as per my opinion more than man woman is powerful character who can hold the heavy big pain when giving birth to baby not only that day today life can see most of the women working like machines.

Therefore, what do you think if we are having name that means powerful, like when people calling the name with the powerful meaning giving more inspire for us.

There will have some powerful Good Last Names For Girls

Woman deserve to have name, which means powerful. Now days it is not easy to put a name to newborn baby, it is difficult for parents and it will last forever after put the name.

So when we consider regarding powerful, strong, brave names parents will put powerful leaders name, political characters names, female God names or the names which means powerful etc.

There may be some strong names with Biblical girl names collection.

The below list of names will give your baby little encourage in her life to become strong and brave.

Meaning “Divine” . Lovely classic name that can put for girl and also Diana was a Roman goddess of the moon.

Alcina means “Strong- willed” and Greek origin.

“Strong and manly”. it has been used since the 17th century, though it was not common until the 20th century.

Origin Sanskrit which means “strength”

Bidu is origin Irish. “Power” is meaning.

This name is latin origin which means “fruitful”. As a name appearing in the Bible it was adopted by English speakers in the 17th century.

The German girl name and English mean is “fortress of riches or strength of a boar”.

Sage is “Wise”. And also this name uncommon.

The meaning is “baby Lion” / “Lioness”. Italian origin also Hebrew means “my strength”

“Strenth of the spear”.and German origin.

Irie means “positive and powerful”

Another powerful girl name meaning with “strong willed”. You will like more three letter girl names

French origin meaning “brave people”

Strong girl name means “strength”

Means Force which means strength

This name is German baby name, which means Universal strength.

Means “silent” or “fierce” and was probably used as a nickname for a “brave warrior.

Lovely girl name as “Strong as an eagle”

Athena means having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgement.

This name is Latin girl name that calls blessed.

“Glorious dignity” Famous bearer: Old Testament Keren was one of Job’s three daughters.

Strong-willed warrior.

Whole over the world strongest women named with this “Strong” meaning.

Name meaning “healthy”.

Means “Victory” and lovely name for girl.

Name coming from Irish origin, meaning with “Irish goddess of poetry and wisdom”

It has a Scottish origin and meaning take as “Brave”

Powerful girl name origin with German, means “Mighty battle maiden”. If you like here German girl name collection.

English girl name means “Brave”

Most Powerful Women With Names 2018

According to the Internet we found 25 of the world’s most powerful women 2018. These characters looks old and there is a generation gap but please look closely and get the ideas from names, definitely these names will be helpful for selecting a powerful girl name for your baby girl.

Angela Merkel
Theresa May
Christine Lagarde
Mary Barra
Abigail Johnson
Melinda Gates
Susan Wojcicki
Ana Patricia Botín
Marillyn Hewson
Ginni Rometty
Sheryl Sandberg
Gail Boudreaux
Angela Ahrendts
Safra Catz
Isabelle Kocher
Adena Friedman
Ho Ching
Emma Walmsley
Oprah Winfrey
Ruth Porat
Laurene Powell Jobs
Queen Elizabeth II
Ivanka Trump
Phebe Novakovic
Sheikh Hasina Wajed

Strong powerful girl names

Historical old strong woman name took by Queen of France Born in 1122. Her famous son is England’s Richard III.

Another powerful female name related with fighting against racism and political activist and author.

This lady name related with Martin Luther King.


Most of believe this is the female version of the name Emperor.

Short version from world famous female activist.

World class powerful female name took from a woman right leader. There is a strong sound and feelings on the name.

In 19th century there was a famous character related with this name.

Irish girl name with brave and strong feelings.

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