Three Letter Girl Names

Three Letter Girl Names becoming popular among parents now. When considering about 3 letter girl names there are unique shape for those names. Like some word suddenly stop or there are more remains to speak.

Because of this uniqueness parents lives to gave a three letter name for their baby.

Are you looking for a beautiful short name for your baby girl? If so, this is the perfect place for it. Short names are becoming more and more popular today. Many people are prefer to short names because they are easy to write and pronounce.

Here is some three letter girl names list for baby girls.

3 letter girl names


Ava is a Latin name and the meaning of Ava is ‘bird’. This name is fast becoming one of the most popular girl’s names for Irish parents. Variations of Ava include Eve and Eva. Famous Ava’s include actress Ava Gardner.


Amy is also Latin name meaning ‘beloved’. Famous Amy’s include actresses Amy Poehler and Amy Adams, and late singer Amy Wine house.


Please check Egyptian girl names for meaning.


Fay means faith or trust. Famous namesakes include British novelist Fay Weldon.


Mya has Greek origin and it means ‘greate’. Maya and Mia are variations of Mya. Famouse namesakes include author May Gibbs.


One of Mexican girl names, find more names.


Zoe means ‘life’ and has its origins in Greece. Famous Zoe’s include Zoe Saldana, Zoe Wanamaker and Zoe Ball.

One of old girl name is short version for Dorothy, meaning will be “gift of God”


This is a strong women name, More Powerful girl names.

English origin girl name meaning take as “fairy”

Flo is short version of Flora


Hippie girl name, Americans love the name, you will love more Hippie girl names.

Ina is can be use as a nickname for Cristina or same names that end in “ina”.


One of girl name popular among common girl names.

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