Twin Girl Names

Girlnamesbaby presents identical cute twin girl names for your baby girl twins, These modern unique names for year 2020 with meaning. Easy to find name sorted starting with a to z.

Lets find more details.

It is so nice to have a baby girl, when it comes to twin baby girls will be amazing. Selecting twin girl names not easy. We have to consider some conditions with naming twins.

Think about this, you may have experienced with these situations, twin girl name can be easily confused, one of my friends twin girls named ‘deyana’ and ‘leyana’ when I’m talking about girls i’m confused about who is the correct one.

Some twin girls have the same initials with name this will give systematic errors when both have literally the same names and birthdays, And names can be getting old when they are younger as parents we want to consider this situation.

If we select names like ‘mia’ and ‘dia’ this is not easy alternatives for nicknames, whole name looks a nickname. always try to give identical twins names.


Abigail, Emily
Abigail is a biblical girl name and Emily is English girl name both are popular and common lovely names.


Abigail, Emma
Emma is universal girl name and can found in common girl names


Abigail, Isabella
Both are common popular lovely names


Abigail, Lillian
Abigail, Olivia


Esta, Tara
Another wonderful names pair meaning with “star”. Parents will have lovely pair of starts in the home.


Ava, Ella
Ava, Emma
Ava, Isla
Ava, Mia
Ava, Olivia


Khushi, Aarushi
This names looks like Asian girl name but everyone can use, name means ‘happy’ and ‘ray of light’.


Emma, Hannah
Emma, Isabella
Emma, Olivia
Emma, Hannah
Emma, Lily
Emma, Ella


Artemis, Athena
This is a Mythological twin girl name, if you loves Greek girl names can find more here.


Eliza, Emerson
Elizabeth, Emily

Eleanor, Evie
Can take as names that start with same initials.


Yoshie, Shizuka
Yoshie has a lovely meaning “beautiful river” and Shizuka has a meaning “quiet summer” another cute Japanese twin girl name pair. Check more Japanese girl names


Ella, Lily


Garima, Anita
Names that has same meanings “graceful”.


Vanya, Tanya
So lovely name collection, Vanya means “gift of God” and Tanya means “fairy queen”. I’m sure everyone will loves this twin girl names.


Emily, Natalie
Emily, Olivia


Haylee, Kaylee
Another lovely twin girl name meaning with pure.


Rufaidah, Rumaysa
Cute Muslim twin girl names. Check more Muslim girl names.


Mia, Lea
These are most common three letter girl names.

Mia, Mya
Mia, Sophia


Mikoto, Saori
Mikoto is a beautiful word and Saori is a colorful fabric popular in Japanese culture, together these two are popular among Japanese twin girl names.


Aaina, aleena
Another pair of Muslim twin girl names.


Himanshi – Ekanshi
This meaning with part of snow . Can be used as winter girl name who born withing winter.

Isabella, Sophia


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