Unique Old And Unusual Sassy British Girl Names

Hi all with Girlnamesbaby today I here to highlight and discuss about popular sassy British girl names. These old and unique girl names looks unusual names, it’s your choice to select a name or get an idea.


Old British girl names with Irish origin and popular in the UK, this common girl name has unique meaning “Vision” or “Dream”. As  a mother me too happy to have girl with vision. Check some magical girl names.


One of the most popular English origin British girl names it means “Bringer of Joy”. Girl will bring joy to the family. We can also name nicknames like Bea and Trixie. This is more popular as a royalty name among parents.


This English origin cute British girl name is one of the most popular girl names in the UK,   “Princess” is the meaning of this name.  Check more English girl names


Flower name for girl, bit old British female name meaning with “blue flower or purple flower”. As a English origin name every mother loves this name.


Greek origin name suitable for UK kids, Name has a good relationship with Alexander and better as a powerful girl name.

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