Winter Girl Names

Hello, you are here to find Winter Girl Names, welcome all.

It is near to end of the November so winter is here, WOW lets be ready to winter. Be parenting in a winter would be new and awesome feeling.

If it is a baby girl, this is the time to find and do some research about girl names. In the winter we can give winter girl name or you can try magical girl names.

Babies are the most valuable gift for parents. When they are selecting name for their babies it is very interesting and it is a massive decision for them.

Because the names shows the person identity & it will affect them in future.

If you want looks some Biblical girl names here.

At present have lot of sources for help it. Most recently they choose names inspired by seasons.
“Winter” comes after autumn & before spring. Winter imagine us cold weather, Snowy scenery, Christmas, holiday and so on.

During winter season we can spend more time with our families.

When parents expecting baby girl during winter season, below beautiful name list help to choose good name for your angle.

Christine, which is directly connected with Christmas. It is impressive name for baby born in mid-December. One of Common girl name

Alaska has beautiful snow mountains and plains. It meaning is ‘great land.’

Neve meaning is ‘snow’. It is very charming name for your baby girl.

Noelle means ‘Christmas.’ It is the feminine form of Noel and it will be a beautiful name for your angel.

During the winter season berries of holly trees are become ripening. Holly will be a ideal name for your baby born in December.

As per Italian this name meaning is ‘white’. This also a attractive name for your baby.

Ivy means ‘faithfulness’. It is a English name & It is most popular in Scotland, Wales, England, and New Zealand. There are more Three letter girl names.

January also a cold month in the year. Due to that this name suitable for the baby born in winter. This is a pretty name.

Iclyn means ‘compassionate’. This name also can use as Iciline. It reminiscent snowflakes of the winter.

Most recently lot of them using this name for their babies & the name means ‘God is satisfaction’

It meaning is ‘snow’& it is well known in Sweden and Norway.

Most probably this name given to babies born on the Christmas day. So if your due date near 25th of December keep that name for your baby girl.

Lumi Meaning is “snow”, This is a good name for your winter daughter.

Lucia is the “Swedish saint of Christmas”. This is a beautiful name for baby girls who expecting to born in December.

This name should choose for baby who born in coldest time of the year.

Blanche is French word for ‘white’ and it most connected with the snowy, winter season.

This name remind about Christmas. It is perfectly suit for your winter baby.

Alba Meaning is ‘bright and white’, this is a Latin name & Alba reminiscent fresh white snow on cold winter day.

This remind us about juniper tree. But this name meaning is not very clear.

Parents loves for this name. This name remind us to the mind about warm fire in a cold night.

This name, meaning is ‘white footprint’.

Paloma, meaning is ‘dove’. This will be perfectly match your daughter born in wintery season.

This is a French origin name &, meaning is ‘snow’.

Nieves is a Spanish name and meaning is ‘Snow’.

Yukio is the Japanese girl name for “snow.”

Girl born in February called “Violet”

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